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The Meals on Wheels Store is here to provide you with plenty of up-to-date information while giving you a one-stop shopping source for all your meals on wheels program or senior center needs. At Nutri-Systems Meals On Wheels Store, we strive to adhere to certain core values with the goal of 100% satisfaction among customers:

Honesty, Civility, Dedication to Service, Giving Fair Value for your money.
These are our values. In practical terms that means we offer you,

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Dedication to Product Quality
  • Fast Delivery

Business Relationships

At Nutri-Systems® Meals on Wheels Store™, we’re developing business relationships with the best product and service companies in the senior nutrition field.

We only sell to meals on wheels and senior nutrition programs, so if you have a top quality product or service for this market, contact us! We can offer link posting, banner advertising, special product announcements and direct sales through this website and/or our print media.

If you’re interested in working with us as a participating retailer or manufacturer, see our contact page or e-mail us at info@mowstore.com. Be sure to leave a detailed message along with your contact information.

Operating Guidelines

Nutri-Systems Corporation is dedicated to conducting its operations throughout the world on principles of ethical business practice and recognition of the dignity of workers. We expect our business partners, their suppliers, and authorized sub-contractors to respect and adhere to our standard guidelines and to all applicable national and local laws in the operation of their business. We will utilize the following criteria to evaluate our relationships with customers and suppliers and will require our business partners to certify their compliance with these standards:


Our business partners must comply with all laws regulating local wages, overtime compensation, and legally mandated benefits. Wage and benefit policies must be consistent with prevailing national standards, and also be acceptable under a broader international understanding as to the basic needs of workers and their families. We will not work with companies whose wage structure violates local law or prevailing industry practice.


Under ordinary business circumstances, employees must not be required to work more than 60 hours per week including overtime, or local industry limits, whichever is lesser, and have the option of at least one day off in seven.


Our business partners must not use child labor, defined as workers under the age of 15.


Our business partners must ensure that their workers are provided a safe and healthy work environment, and are not subject to unsanitary or hazardous conditions.


Our business partners should respect the legal rights of employees to freely and without harassment participate in worker organizations of their choice.


Our business partners will not work with or arrange for purchase of any materials from businesses that utilize prison or forced labor in any stage of the manufacture of our products.


Our business partners will not employ or conduct any business activity with businesses who employ any form of mental or physical coercion or punishment against workers.


Our business partners will not practice, nor do business with businesses who practice, any form of improper discrimination in hiring and employment, including on the basis of age, race, color, gender, religion or sexual orientation.


Our business partners must embrace a fundamental concern for environmental protection and conduct their operations consistent with both local and internationally recognized environmental practices.


Our business partners must comply with applicable customs law and participate in programs to comply with laws regarding illegal transshipment of products.


Our business relationship must be built on a mutual respect for and adherence to legal requirements. Our business partners will observe both local and applicable international standards.


We intend to conduct all of our business in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards, and we will seek and utilize partners who will do likewise, as this contributes directly to our corporate reputation and the collective sense of our organization and selected business partners.


Our business partners may not subcontract all or any part of the work on our products without express written consent, which will not be given unless each subcontractor meets all of the criteria set forth herein.


Our business partners may not give Company employees a gift in value in excess of US $25.00 , and may not bribe foreign officials to benefit the Company or its business.


We will apply these criteria in all business partner determinations, and will continue to implement these policies in the conduct of activities. This will include our business partners sharing information on production facilities and procedures, with the objective of improving our collective service to customers ina responsible manner. Failure by a business partner to meet these standards will result in our taking appropriate actions up to and including cancellation of existing orders.

Thomas J. Luck, President
Jay DiPucchio, CEO